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What is PlusTreat?

Established in 2020, PlusTreat aims to take part in combatting plastic pollution. Focused on plastic cups and bottles, we help you as a collection point without any minimum requirements. With our vision to provide easy and fun waste collection as a part of your responsibility towards your waste, we will come very soon in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Reverse Vending Machine Development

We are developing P+usTreat, where we adopt self-service machine to collect PET bottles. P+usTreat is a compact reverse vending machine that can collect, sort, and categorize plastics based on their colors.

Together with Kaktus Coffee Place, a green-concept of local cafe in Yogyakarta and has campaign #cleanasyougo, P+usTreat make collaboration to collect the plastic cups and straws. We provide the responsible waste management system including a dedicated trash bin for customers to separate their cups and straw, as well as the other waste inside the cup.

Social Media Campaign

P+usTreat has #THROWISELY campaign to raise awareness for people. The target of this campaign is for millennials, who are the next changemakers for the world. We inform updates about plastic pollution, ways to recycle, and our activities that can inspire people to be more responsible to their waste.

Why Work With Us?

Strong Committed Team

Our team is the collaboration between students and professionals to create creative and feasible solutions to tackle the plastic pollution problem.

Authentic Experience

We deliver a brand-new experience for people to take part in recycling. Our unique design will be the next leading waste collection.

High Scalability

Our products are not limited to one place, region, or country. Adoptable solutions to almost everywhere you want.

Custom Pricing

We will make sure that you have no burden in implementing our solution to your place. Custom-made products and always compatible with your budget.

Meet The Team

Putri Amalia, CEO

An engaged and motivated engineering student with strong problem-solving and self-motivational skills

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Naufal G Salsabil, CTO

Industrial engineering student. Loves technology and cars.

Azizah N Ilmi, CFO

A graduated master’s student in engineering. Eager to learn new things and easy to adapt to different environments.

Nur Cahyati, COO

An Industrial engineering graduates that passionate about continuous improvement and self development.

Maeva A Putri, CMO

Loves to expand networks around the world.

Nur Amin

Product Engineer

Lecturers and professionals in the fields of CNC and 3D Print.

Ari Adrianto

Product Engineer

An engineering student who is always happy to do new things and has an interest in community contribution.

Sabila R Alifian

Product Engineer

An engineering student who passionate with product system engineering and design.

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Nurfitria Handayani


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Plastic cups and bottles are wasted each day. Don't let them harm our environment.


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